Kids Multi-Height Sanitising Unit


This bright engaging unit is accessible for wheelchair users and has an adjustable dispenser height from 500mm – 900mm; age appropriate for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 children.

The unit has a blue glossy powder coated finish that is easy to wipe down and keep sanitised. It is very stable and has no sharp edges making it a great child friendly solution that can be used in busy high traffic kids’ areas.

The height is adjusted using a simple slider mechanism which is hand tightened at the rear of the unit, giving four available fixing points
For added stability, the unit has a secure linking chain for high traffic environments or where the unit is not supervised, to enable it to be fixed to a wall
Mounted hand sanitiser dispenser (which can be securely fixed if required)
The unit is quick to deploy and reposition and comes flat packed in a single box
Dispenser and lollypop graphics are printed on magnetic vinyl
Choose from two standard magnetic vinyl graphics (Hippo design/Pink hands) or buy hardware only option allowing you to fully customise the unit
Custom printed graphic available MOQ 15

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